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Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. From financing to negotiating to closing, there are a lot of moving pieces that can leave homebuyers bewildered.

A professional agent can guide you through the financial options for purchasing a home. If you prefer to pay with cash, a letter of introduction from your personal banker will help us negotiate an offer from a position of strength. If you will be utilizing a loan, establishing a relationship with a lender prior to a home search will assist you in getting pre-approved. The lender will go over your financing options, what monthly payment amount you can afford, and what you can expect for down payment requirements and closing costs. We are happy to make referrals to a local lender at your request.

Family looking at a home
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For most buyers, choosing a home is the most exciting step. For many, it can also be an emotional process. The right agent can assist you in this process by showing you properties that fit your specifications and monitoring the market as new listings become available. We can also offer objective information about each property you look at. From local community information like schools and zoning to home-specific details like condition and amenities, the right agent can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, we will research recent comparable sales of similar homes in the area to help determine a fair selling price. Based on those comparable sales, as well as other factors like inspections and repairs, we will then help you structure an offer and negotiate to get the very best deal possible.

Closing, or settlement, can be a complicated process. Documents are prepared by an attorney and signed by the buyer and seller. The lender funds the loan and the title is recorded with the county. The escrow company drafts a check to the seller and the buyer is provided with keys to their new home.

A lot has to happen between deciding to purchase and moving into a new home. We look forward to assisting you with the details.

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